Stylist in east bay, california

I am in search of a good, knowledgeable stylist in the general area of Walnut Creek/Concord/Danville who will be able to cut and style my 3b hair (fine hair, but LOTS of it.....and frizzy.)

In the past 4 years I have interviewed countless number of stylists and have had my hair cut by about 4 of them, but although they all declare that they are experienced in cutting curly hair, it has been evident that 2 of them are not. (I purposely wait about 5-6 months between cuts so that I don't have to deal with disappointing cuts)

One stylist was good but I cannot continue to pay $110 for a hair cut & style. The other stylist is pretty good (and reasonably priced at $35) but she's SO HYPER that I feel tense by the time I walk out of there. Plus, she left me waiting 45 minutes for my appointment (I arrived 5 minutes early and it looked like she had just taken another client). I am so tired of "pounding the sidewalk" in search of a good, decent stylist for, what I fondly call, my "Mane" and then being disappointed.

Any suggestions?
BUMP! I'm new to the east bay and will eventually need a cut, too!
Hi ladies! My stylist is Sandra Hernandez. This is her site About Me - Beauty at Your Service

You can contact her through it. She is currently back at PureBeauty Salon (now in Santa Clara) but is also mobile and will come to you! She is a curly too, and although she wet-cuts she knows all about shrinkage, etc. You can read my review in the Salon finder.

We're working on getting Tiffany/StruttsWife out here for a curly hair training session!

SF Bay Area, CA * "The Angel-Goddess-Guru of Haircoloring"
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