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There is Tru Rootz. Their website is : Tru Rootz Salon

And there is also Beauty on de Bayou Natural Hair Salon, their web address is Beauty on De Bayou!

check em out. I've seen more, but I dont remember the names of them.
im not sure how they are with locs but I went two weeks ago or so and they actually used frickin "JAM" styling gel in my hair which is enough said!! I didnt like my style and it was very over priced...
Last Relaxer- 10/2008

Decided to go Natural 05/2009 after wearing braids due to damage

BC- 06/2009

Products For Now

Co Wash: V05 Moisture Milks Passion Fruit

Leave In: TIGI Moisture Maniac

Deep Cond: Elasta QP DPR11(not so much n e more)

Styling: Eco Styler w/ Olive Oil, Smooth n Shine Curl Activator Gel w/Aloe,KCCC, MiraCurl Curling Gelly

-I am turning into a PJ @ least until I find my staples
Yea, about BEAUTY ON DA BAYOU- stylist was not gentle and barely moisturizered my hair, did not detangle at all. Natural hair is dry and she was basically just popping it off using what I thought was a brush. Didn't really get what I wanted. Won't be going back.

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