Good stylist in Gainesville, FL

Hi all.

I'm pretty new to the whole Curly Girl thing. I mean, I've always had curly hair, just didn't know how to embrace it! This website has been a godsend.

Anyway..I got my first Deva cut at Devachan NY with Robert back in April when I was visiting my sister. It was a huge splurge, but a great cut and style. He told me to wait 6 months and come back to see him, but I live in Florida and really can't afford a $600 trim twice a year (haircut, airfare, cab fare, etc.). And I just do not have the courage to cut my own hair. And I needed a trim NOW!

So...I checked out the Devachan directory (MyDevaCurl - Coming Soon (Spring/Summer 2011)) and read reviews here and found Debra Lewis at a place called Salon Savoy, right here in my hometown of Gainesville. I went to see her today and she was great.

We talked about my hair a lot (which I tend to do anyway) and she listened. I said I was growing out layers and really, really just wanted her to DUST the ends. Nothing crazy. Well, that's exactly what she did. (It's sad how shocking it is to actually get the haircut you ask for. That hardly ever happens to me!)

I will definitely go see her again when I can't stand my hair anymore. Just wanted my local curly girls to know!
I'm n Valdosta ga and can't find one anywhere!
I have been dying to get a Deva cut in NY for sooo long so I am incredibly jealous of you! But thanks so much for posting about this. I go to UF and have been needing a haircut, but can't find anyone who will dry cut or anything. I am making an appointment tomorrow with Debra! Thanks again!
I've got an upcoming appointment with Debra too. At the time I made it I didn't realize she was a Deva stylist. It will be my first Deva cut. I'll let you all know how it goes.
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I went to see Debra again this week for a trim. She took off just a bit of length and dusted everything else. Just what I asked her to do. She even stopped me from going shorter than I wanted. That has to be a first! My hair looks great. Hope she worked out for you guys, too.
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Thanks so much for the info! I really want a Deva cut and didn't think I could find one in much does the cut cost? And is it on 25th or 43rd Street? The Savoy Salon website I'm looking at seems to have relocated to 43rd.
It's on 43rd St. Sort of north of Thornbrook Village. My first visit she cut, washed, dried and styled and it was like $60. This time she just trimmed with no wash or style and it was $20.

It's not exactly like the Deva NY experience but she will cut it dry and she does respect the curl pattern. And it's way cheaper!
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