Robert from Devachan...has anyone been to him?

I was thinking about going to Robert for a haircut but before I do I was hoping I could get some feedback about him from others who have gone to him. It is scary going to someone new!
Hi there! I had my first Deva cut with Robert in April.

It was a good cut and he is very nice. It felt like he listened to me and my hair really looked amazing.

But be prepared to only spend a few minutes with him. Most of the time you are either getting your hair washed or dried or styled by a team of other people. For $180, I really hoped he would personally walk me through the process.

So, I would definitely recommend him as a stylist but I wasn't a huge fan of the Deva Salon experience.

Hope that helps!
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Thanks for your reply. What kind of haircut did he give you? The salon described him as one of the trendy hairstylists there. Is it easy to manage?

I went to the salon years ago and I too was bothered by how little time the hairstylist spent with me. Lorraine Massey found a way to make lots of money doing things that way though. I recall spending most of my time there with the assistant and under the heat lamp.

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Basically, he took off about 2 inches of length (which was totally fine with me). I had this crazy "ledge" layer that someone else had put in and I wanted it out. It was like the other stylist just cut in at one point and everything below was just straight. Anyway..he helped blend that out. And then the rest of Robert's work was just him picking up each curl and trimming the ends.

It is an easy cut to manage and it's looking better as it grows out. It's almost to shoulder length now. When he was done with me in April, it was much shorter.

I have to confess that I HATE GEL. So, my hair has never looked as good as when the Deva crew styled it for me. Plus, I just don't have 45 minutes every day to sit under a hair dryer. So...taking that into's my fault for not being able to get the same look. But, when I just wear it the way I wear it, it looks fine.

I think you'll enjoy the experience. I'm really glad I did it. But, I live in Florida, so I can't be a regular customer!
Thanks again Honeyb! I really appreciate your feedback.
There are quite a few reviews for Robert here in our salon/stylist reviews area.
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