When getting a curly Cut do you leave the salon dry or wet?

I am curious if after having a Curly Cut do you leave the salon wet or dry?
I got my first."curly cut" today. I left the salon dry. After she put product in my hair I sat under the dryer. Then she stretched my.curls with the concentrator attachment on the blow dryer.

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it can be either, it depends on you and the stylist.
i generally leave wet as i have traffic to contend with, and the longer i stay there, the longer it will take me to get home (an hour without traffic, can be up to 3 in crazy traffic!).
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I got my first curly cut about two weeks ago and I left dry; however, it took longer than my old stylist used to.
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My HD is a curly stylist. He diffuses my hair before I leave the salon. Even though I air-dry at home, I like that he diffuses it to give me an idea of my hair's potential, especially since I paid for his talent. Air-drying and the experimenting that can go with it I can do at home free of charge.
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