Deva cut or long layers

I'm debating between these two types of cuts. I have been so salon phobic for the past 2-3 years, that my hair is now all one length and really needs some shaping up and some framing around my face.

My hair is a few inches past my shoulders (wet) and is about 3a/3b.
I am nervous about getting a deva cut because some people have had trouble with uneveness and with growing it out. I'm also worried about how it will work with my hair, because my hair falls differently all the time. So if it's cut the way it is falling on a certain day, how will it look the next time I style it?
On the other hand, I'm also nervous about getting a wet cut.
Any advice?
The deva stylist I was considering is Catherine at Beauty Naturals in Gaithersburg. She used to work at Oasis.
Has anyone ever had a cut with her?
I also had hair that was one length except around my face and my first curly cut was a Deva cut. I LOVE my cut and it changed my hair fairly dramatically. That said, I do not straighten my hair. Ever.

Hope you find some good scoop on that particular stylist at that particular salon!!
I'm 47. Straight hair until 6/2010. THANKS, thyroid!
2b, medium-fine, normal-low porosity, medium density and elasticity
CG since 7/1/2010

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Trying/Maybe: Ecostyler,CJRM

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