Deva cut or good curly cut in NJ

I'm reading so many different opinions on the deva cut. How do you know how experienced the stylist is? Can anyone recommend a good stylist (deva curl or not) in northern nj. Thanks
I hear ya!!! Lately there's been a few new interesting details regarding Deva cuts being posted and discussed. Back in the early spring I had said that this fall I would go to the Devachan Salon in Soho and get a deva cut but after reading recent posts about having uneven/lopsided haircuts, I've decided its not for me at this time. My hair is finicky, sometimes the curls are "S" like for a day or so and then a day later after applying some oils, its more coily than "S" like so imagine getting a cut based on one type of curl only to look crrrrrrazy 2 days later. For now, I will stick with my current stylist trimming my long layers. I'm accustomed to it and if I do decide to straighten my hair (haven't done so since January 2011) I at least know it will look nice.

I think what folks are saying is if you plan to wear your hair curly ONLY then definitely go for a Devacut but others have mentioned they've gotten perfectly even Devacuts so.........yeah, definitely confusing.
I've never been there for a haircut, but I've heard all good things about Salon Studio in Bernardsville, NJ (908-696-0060). I've heard that Meghan and Jessie do really good curly cuts (and regular cuts, too).

Express Yourself Salon in Far Hills, NJ also does Deva cuts (908-234-0588 ), but I don't know how good they are.
Hair Type - wavy/curly, fine texture, thin/medium density

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