ecological/ natural hair products and salons in Madrid? and WARNING about Aveda salon

I am staying for a job in Madrid for a couple of months and some of the haircare stuff I brought here with me is going to finish before I leave. At the moment I'm running out of leave-in conditioner and styling gel.

I only use organic/ecological/ natural hair products and I've been searching like crazy for natural brands or shops or salons (I don't dare ordering on the Internet because I'm leaving in a month) but haven't been able to find any.

In health food stores etc. I've only found natural cosmetics and some very basic hair stuff, like shampoos and rinse-out conditioners, and a couple of brands that are not very nourishing nor humectant (Lavera, Weleda and Logona) and are not specialiced in hair care.

I'd really appreciate if anyone could give me any hints about where to look for (and if there are some local brands I should try).

Thank you very much in advance

P.S. Now I need to find a natural salonmore than ever, as yesterday I got so fed up of trying to find one that I decided to go to an Aveda salon (as near to natural as it seemed to be possible) which was a complete catastrophe.

Please avoid Javier Santamarķa hairsalon in Calle Infantas in Madrid!

Resumed: the stylist was not at all gentle, he cut much more than we agreed and made me pay much more than what I was told was the price of the services when I entered the salon. Very bad experience.

I was told a haircut would cost 25 euros, but they'd charge me an additional 10 euros for washing my hair. This seemed rther odd to me, as in my home country (Finland) haircut prizes are always package prizes, which include at least washing, cutting and drying the hair, but often also some extra/ signature services and pampering (such as scalp massage, tea/coffee, aromatherapy etc) which vary from salon to salon. I thought 35 euros was rather expensive for a haircut in Madrid (where many salons advertise haircuts for 10 or 15 or 20 euros), but I wanted my hair cut and I wanted to try Aveda products, so I said ok.

As I sat down my stylist asked me if I wanted a welcome scalp massage. It was a rather fancy salon so I thought this might be one of their signature extra services for their clients. So I told him why not. I got to choose the aromatherapy oil, I asked for the one without eucalyptus but I think he used for the massage the one I had just told him not to use. The massage lasted for approximately one or two minutes - just when I thought it was going to start it ended.

Then he brushed my hair - yes, he brushed my DRY hair with a BRUSH. Stuff I thought someone who knows even a bit about curls would never do to curly hair. I was terrified, but thought cutting shouldn't require any special knowledge about curls, so I followed him to the washing spot. Washing is often the most pleasant and relaxing experience at a hairsalon, but this time it was all the opposite. He was very ungentle at washing, almost hurting me.

But the worst was yet to come. He started cutting with a saw-like knife, which I've always thought is very bad for curly hair. Whan I asked him about it, he assured it's ok, but I didn't really feel I could trust him after that. Also, I had repeatedly stressed that I'm growing my hair and want him to cut as little as possible, though of course I wanted him to remove the unhealthy 1/4 inch at the very ends. He did a very professional gesture before he started cutting and showed me the quantity he was going to cut: the width of two fingers, and I told him that's ok. At the back he kept his promise, but as he started cutting the sides, I realized he was actually cutting off 2 inches! As one side had already been cut, I just had to accept what had happened and watch him cut the other side too. In a few minutes I went to the BSL that had cost me a lot to achieve back to APL. I felt like crying, though I could see my hair looked healthier and had nicer curl formation now that the damaged ends had been cut off.

When he was done with the cutting I thougth he would proceed to dry my hair without any further notice. This is why, just in case, I pointed out that IF he was going to use a hair dryer to dry my hair, he should put in some product that would protect it from the heat. There wasn't any more talking and he started to dry my hair. I asked him to keep the volume down and to put some stuff in for maximum clumping. He did just the opposite: ehen my hair was dry it had afro-like volume and my haed full of tiny, undefined and unclumped curls.

I asked him to recommend some products for me, but when I told him I wanted to read the INCI lists, he acted as if he did not know what I was talking about. So I didn't buy anything but went straight to the counter to pay - only to find out they were going to charge me 54 euros! When I told them they had given me a much lower price when I entered, they told me the price of the "treatment" (I guess it was the one-minute-massage) and drying the hair (!!!) were added to the final amount. I tried to discuss I hadn't asked for any treatment (instead I was offered one and nobody told me that was going to cost extra) and I hadn't asked to have my hair dried either. I couldn't help wondering if they would throw their customers out of the door with wet hair if they don't pay extra for getting their hair dried, but didn't get any answer and had no other option than to pay the whole bill.

I left feeling utterly disappointed and deceived. Would not recommend this salon to anyone.
I am so sorry to hear about your experience. I have heard so many horror stories about stylists here that I've only been to ONE in the year and a half that I have lived here. We are going home to the States for Christmas and I plan to get my hair cut while I am there and then wait another year and a half before my next one... I was even thinking about trying an Aveda salon downtown, but after your post, I've changed my mind! I haven't had much luck finding natural products here (aside from the ones you mentioned already). Have you tried an herbolario? There are also a couple of eco stores downtown that you might check. I've just resorted to buying everything online. I do have a cupboard full of Aubrey Organics that I passed to my husband because I hated how it made my hair feel. Perhaps if he's willing to give it up, I could pass it along to you...
CG convert and loving it!

Co-wash and condition with Giovanni TTTT
Leave-in Giovanni Vita-Pro Fusion
Scrunch with HETT and FSG

Still trying to figure out hair type, porosity, etc...

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