Just got back from another haircut by Jacquie of J. Scordato in Tucson, AZ. She rocks! Gave me exactly what I asked for. She does dry cuts on me; we've been working together since January on getting my hair into shape. It's really starting to look good. I feel re-born! So...yeah to Jacquie--and if any Tucson area girls are looking for a stylist, I highly recommend her. She used to work at Spirals, but left to open her own salon on East Fort Lowell. She's "da bomb!"
Hair type: 2c/3a ii, medium/coarse, desert hair
Cleansers: CJ Daily Fix
Conditioners: CJ Beauticurls Argan Oil, Tresemme
Leave-In Conditioners: CJ BCLI
Deep Conditioners: CJ Curl Rehab, CJ Deep Fix, SS DDMT


Holding Gels: CJ Curl Queen
Pomade: Jane Carter N&S
Hair Likes: agave nectar, oils of any kind