Curly in Colorado.... help!

Looking for some stylist/salon recommendations out here in good old dry as a bone in winter Colorado. I've been going to Kristy at Studio K and I don't think I'm entirely happy with her. But she does an ok job at a reasonable price. Wondering if there is someone else out there that does a good job at a reasonable price. I am on a tight budget so a $200 cut is not going to work, heck neither is a $100 cut. LOL Shoot me some ideas please and thank you!
Not sure what part of CO you're in, but t
ry an Aveda salon.
Guess I should I should have said I'm in the Lakewood area. And I work in Golden.

I am mostly CG. I do poo occasionally and use a random silicone. Seems like there isn't any recent feedback on any of the salons listed in the salon finder.
I have gone to Micki at Shapes Salon in Denver (just outside of downtown, in the lower Highlands) and she's given me some fantastic haircuts. She does Deva cuts, and so do other stylists at the salon, which specializes in curly hair.

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