does anyone know if Salon Spargo in Farminton Hills MI is closed?

So I was planning to make an appointment this week with Marni at Salon Spargo in Farmington Hills. I googled their website (to get their #) and found that their website is gone and their domain is for sale. I then went to their facebook page and they have recent posts from this month, including posts about christmas gift items for sale, but on their info page they have no hours listed and it says "now closed". It is kind-of weird because there is not anything about being closed on their FB wall... it seems like if they were closing they would have posted this on their wall? Does anyone know if they are for certain closed? I tried calling twice today and got a voicemail message both times. I don't know what I'm going to do if Marni is no longer doing cuts in the Detroit area!


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well it turns out that they are not closed. i finally got through on the phone today, so yesterday's phone calls must have just been a fluke. The FB page still says "closed now" under status, but I told them about it so now they know. WHEW!

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