Ana or Robert at Devachan

Hi there! I would love to schedule a haircut this summer. I have been hearing great things about both Ana and Robert. Are there any of you who have had experience with either? Would it be a great experience either way or do any of you have preferences?

If it helps, I am a 3a/3b mixture, I still have about 2 inches of hair that has not fully reverted after a keratin treatment...although strangely enough it's not the bottom 2's 2 inches in the middle. My hair is between APL and BSL and I am looking to grow it out.

Please advise. Thanks so much!
Ana did my Devacut last month and she was great! I'm primarily 3a, with some 2c and a little 3b thrown in. I would definitely see her again.

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I saw Robert a year ago April. I was in NY visiting my sister and decided to splurge.

Robert was very nice and the cut was fine, but you will only spend a short time with him. He cuts your hair, then someone else washes it and styles it. By the time I got out from under the dryer, he had done two more cuts.

My Cut = $180. Plus tip.

Really glad I did it once. Wouldn't do it again.

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Thank you! I appreciate the feedback! I just made an appointment with Ana!

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