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BornWithaHorseShoeUpMyButt 06-02-2012 03:15 PM

When the hair stylist at the Salon looks like Jane Fonda...
Run the other way!!!

She brushed out my hair while it was dry!
I told her that it was much easier to brush wet, and she replied, "I'm just getting out the bulk"
I said, "If it was wet, there wouldn't be any bulk. I have a lot of leave-in conditioner in this."
She ignored me and kept brushing.
Then, she cut it while it was barely damp, I could hear pieces breaking, I was starting to get really upset and wanted it to be over.
I asked for an inch off, it doesn't look like she took ANYTHING off.

I left her a big tip so she wouldn't talk about my complaining to the other hair stylists (The haircut was $13 and I usually give a $10 tip... which my boyfriend gave me grief about) And right now I am huffing mad.
My hair literally looks different every day, and I wanted more water on my hair.

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