Brillo pad?!?!?

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I'm a hairstylist in Buffalo, NY. I have 3c/4a hair and wear it natural everyday :-). I teach my clients how to care for and rock with their curls. Today a man comes in to my shop with shoulder length 3b hair and wants a shorter cut, just long enough to run his fingers through and still be able to have his curls. I cut it, apply some product and he LOVES IT. Another satisfied customer that makes me feel like I've accomplished my goal for the day! When he leaves, another client that was there says, "whoa, he had a G*d dammed Brillo pad on his head"! This mad me so angry!!!!!! All the while I'm standing there with my curly hair thinking she must be crazy. I say, "he has gorgeous hair,while you're here looking for volume in your fine, limp hair, he has everything you wish you could have"! I tell her never to insult or ridicule another one of my clients or she will be asked to find another salon. I am beyond appalled at this. Grrrrrr.
whow, you said that? Kudos. I bet the look on that clients face was priceless. After all, it's socially "inappropriate" to actually stand up for something against the norm right? God forbid you are an employee and tell off a customer!
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Oh yea! I ripped her a new one. I'm so sick of the way people look at my curly clients, and myself! The inconsiderate remarks and dirty looks have to stop. I call these people "curly-ists"! They're not racist, they're curlyists! Lol.
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WTH?! Some people have NO manners! WTG for standing up for curlies everywhere!
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Lol at curly-ist. Youtube that. There's actually a very funny video about it. Thumbs up to you for standing up and thumbs down to that lady for not having the nerve to say it to his face.
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Bleuyteuy, I want to know the You Tube... because the one I'm thinking about is "Curly Ryan" where he says, he can't remember his friends streight hair friend.... haa haa! Curly Cami you are a Curly Hero!
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Bleuyteuy, I want to know the You Tube... because the one I'm thinking about is "Curly Ryan" where he says, he can't remember his friends streight hair friend.... haa haa! Curly Cami you are a Curly Hero!
Originally Posted by Goin'Grey
Hey no its by a girl named Shannon Boodram or something like that but her youtube is thosegirlsarewild
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Goodonya!! I'm glad u called it out - too many people think those kind of ignorant remarks are ok even though its insulting
Good for you!

What did she say after that?? Dying to know!!
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Ohh, that's really great how you went against an insult such as that. I bet you putted her in her place real good .
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I can't imagine a client insulting another client! Besides, in 2012, who hasn't seen the entire gamut of curly hair walking around? What an idiot. I love your response.
I personally find myself gazing at all of the textured hair out there now that I have become more attuned to it by going CG and spending a lot of time researching things on this and other sites. I wish I could hand out gel samples. The Causasian ladies are the worst for frizz because they have no training in handling their hair!! Oil-free? BS!
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