$950 for a haircut?!

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Would you do it?

Is an Expensive Haircut Worth It? | Financially Fit - Yahoo! Shine

Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
No. My hair is pretty awesome with its much cheaper cut.

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Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
My cut was $55 and that was steep for me. That's almost $1000 I'd rather buy clothes
No way. The only way was if some how I would never ever need a haircut again so it would be a one time expense for the rest of my life, and even then I doubt I would spend that much. I have a hard time justifying even close to $100 for a wonderful Devacut I got, so yeah there's no way.
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2b, fine texture, normal porosity & elasticity (CG as of 12/2011)

Low-poo: UFD Rich & Funky
Cowash: VO5 Kiwi Lime
RO: Tresemme Naturals, Aubrey Organics GPB, Ion Effective Care, MillCreek Keratin
PT/DT: IAgirl's PT, GVP CB
LI: KCKT, Cure Care, CJ CCCC Lite
Styling: Curl Keeper, As I Am Jelly, UFD Curly Magic, CJ Curl Queen, TIGI Strong Hold Mousse


^^ day 1 of going CG; avatar = 6 months later
That's more than a mortgage payment for me, so no freaking way.

I was curious what others, especially New Yorkers, would say.
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Dogs and nature abhor a vacuum.
That's more than a mortgage payment for me, so no freaking way.

I was curious what others, especially New Yorkers, would say.
Originally Posted by claudine19
Hell to the no!
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Turtles: omg please don't put that in your moo moo

Nej: too late... moo moo has been infiltrated.
Assuming I had $950, I can go to Jackie, my hair lady. Get a haircut. And bring along about 25 of my friends so they can get haircuts, too.
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"Sometimes I lie awake at night, and I ask, 'Where have I gone wrong?' Then a voice says to me, 'This is going to take more than one night.' "
- Charlie Brown
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I'm with Sarcasm: Hell to the NO!"
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift
As we say in the South, Hell to the naw!

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texture - medium/fine, porosity - low/normal, elasticity - normal
co-wash - NaturelleGrow Coconut Water or Marshmallow Root, Slippery Elm Bark & Blue Malva Cleansing Conditioners
LI - KCKT mixed w/ SM C & H Curl & Style Milk
DC - NG Mango & Coconut H2O or Chamomile/Brdck Root
Gel - SM souffle (winter), KCCC (summer) or CR Naturals Aloe Whipped Butter Gel (year round)
Sealers - Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado butter, Aloe butter
Ayurvedic treatments - Jamila Henna, Sukesh, Aloe Vera Powder, Hibiscus Powder

thats like 5 years of car insurance. No thank you.$50 is about the max i'd ever spend on a hair cut. (I will never dye my hair)

started CG on 6/25/12.
  • 2c with a strait underneath
  • normal elasticity on top, none on the underneath
  • Fine side of Normal
  • Thick hair
  • Poriosity is a mystery. I think its all over the place.
Oh I get it... it's $50 for your haircut and $900 for a new suit for Mr. Fancypants!!!!

Some people will fall for ANYTHING!!!!

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