What is your experience getting a hair cut with a DevaCurl trained stylist?

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I am thinking about trying for a hair cut with a stylist that has been to the training at DevaCurl/Devachan (not sure what the proper name is)..well, who has been trained by Lorraine Massey (or by her company).

I am wondering if you who have tried this were happy with the results? Was it very different from a "regular" hair dresser?
I have had so many bad experiences with cuts (growing out a real bad and too short cut right now).
I really need a change.

I ordered the new Curly Girl (I had the first one many years ago and was on the CG wagon for about 3 years and then fell off...trying to get back on, but in more simple form (not getting in to bunch of product-buying)... I am curious if I could manage to cut my own hair...but I have not been good at it in the past..

Well, I am hoping that people have had good experiences with the DevaCurl/CG trained stylist so I could give it a try.
I have enjoyed the two I have gone to. Going to my regular girl on Saturday actually. Haven't had a cut since December of last year!! Out of control!!
I've been to two different stylists at Devachan in NYC and a trained stylist in Dallas. I already ave one lined up here in San Diego. I think I'll always stick with Devachan trained stylists from now on.
I think that I deceive genius.
A Deva stylist can be a phennomenol experience!
They know how to interpret your hair can can cut it to inspire your curls to get more movement, hang nicer, eliminate triangle head, and teach you proper product application.

- Because each curly head is different, styling products are always tricky and a good stylist should listen and work with your normal styling routine or give you direction on them.

-Beware imposters!!! Even if someone has taken the curly hair cutting course, if they don't believe in the cutting method, they'll try to "alter" it. So make sure they will follow the key concepts of the cut:
- Majority of the cut is done dry
- They cut curl by curl.

If they don't do that, then leave.

Growing out a bad cut is no fun (voice of experience here). Don't feel obligated to stay for a cut by a stylist who doesn't know what they're really doing.

A true curly cut just makes me smile like nothing else, my hair looks full and bouncy, my curls stop trying to sporadically turn into dreadlocks, and my head feels lighter!
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I'm a total product junkie and LOVE trying new products every time!

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Thank you ladies. I am going to try for a "DevaCurl" cut next time I get a trim. I have seen that there are several stylist in my area that show up on the mydevacurl.com page.

I'll call around and see if they follow the proper "procedures": cutting dry and such. I have always had a hard time with hair dressers. Seems they cut how ever they want to and think you are a weirdo if you question anything. I have probably just not found the right one..

Anyways. Thanks! I am very hopeful things will be good. I will have to wait a bit to grow my hair out a bit more. The last hir dresser cut it off shin length and with my curls...it is just past the ears pretty much when dry. Yuck.
^^^^^ Been there!! I can't blame the hair dresser though. I asked for a hair cut I saw on Meg Ryan lol different curls and a different face shape. YIKES!!

Good luck :-)
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Weird.. I went by one of the places that had several stylists listed at mydevacurl.com under stylist finders. Non of them had actually gone to actual training, they just had some guy come by talking about the Devacurl products (which they carry) and explaining a bit about the cutting technique (if I didn't completely missunderstand). So non there knew how to cut curly hair a la Devacurl (and the stylist I talked to didn't think it was beneficial to cut the hair dry)... I do not get why they were listed on that page and I wonder how the listing work?
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Not cool!! Hopefully there is someone there. Not sure where you are located in the world, but maybe someone on here is near you and could make a recommendation??
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I found a review on here on a salon (9 happy curlies) I can go to. : ) It is a bit to drive, but well worth it I think.

Yeah, not cool. Strange. Well, at least I can find products near by anyways.
3a, low porosity, medium & fine texture, high density...

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