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rbb 09-25-2012 08:28 AM

joy @ colors of cold spring harbor
i've read the reviews and they look great. my budget is telling me i need to find a less expensive stylist, so i am looking here on long island, specifically at joy at colors of cold spring harbor. (i love the cuts my current stylist does, so i am very reluctantly looking around. or i might just try to really stretch out haircuts, maybe to 2x/year.)

question -- what has your experience been? with the cut?

with the grow out? (how long between cuts)

what type of curl do you have?

i suspect 3a is one of the hardest types to cut/blend as we go from mostly 3a, lots of 3b, some 2c.....

did you ever get a devachan cut and could you compare?

any input would be welcome!

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