In urgent advice for salon interview

Hello. I just scored an interview at a salon for a receptionist position. I really really really want this job because Im considering getting into the field. My question is how should I wear my 3a/3b hair. I ususally wear is down with maybe the sides pulled back because I hate wearing my hair UP! What do you look for when interviewing?

3A 3B mix
Colored treated
Combo Low and High porosity
Medium coarse texture

Goosefootprints hair analysis
Co-wash- As I Am Co-wash
LI- As I Am leave in,
Style- la looks sport gel
Well you would definitely want to come to your interview with tamed hair and professional alot of interviewing tips say to wear your hair out of your face i would say to go online or youtube and get some ideas I have 3a hair for more formal events I usually put my hair up in a nice bun with a few curls hanging out or ill pin the front of my hair to the back with some twist luckily this is a receptionit job for a salon so i think they want to see someone with a playful style of hair BUT REMEMBER STILL KEEP IT PROFESSIONAL what about a low bun with a few curls hanging on the sides near the side burn area?

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