Help!! My sister is my stylist

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How can I tell my sister that I don't want her to cut my hair. She has been cutting hair for about 10yrs, but most of that time has been spent in a barber shop in a small country town. I'm never...or very rarely, happy when she cuts my hair and I finally understand why.

I have been researching the CG method for weeks and I just finished my first full week. I told her what I was doing, so she researched it too and learned about the tips for cutting curly hair and so I felt a little confident that she might get it right, but she still insisted on wetting it & she used a razor to do the front!!! So now when it dries the front of my hair just around my face will look CRAZY!!!!

I just want a good "curly hair cut"!! I have never embraced my curly hair because of lack of knowledge. Now I feel like I know how to handle my curly hair & I've gotten so many compliments on it all week and now I've got a bad hair cut. UGH!!!!! I normally just don't care because after all if is just hair & it'll grow back, but I think I deserve a good hair cut.
tell her you love her but you want to try something different. you're allowed, you know.
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Yes, I know I'm allowed. I just hate hurting her feelings.
you just have to be honest with her, yea she may feel some kind of way about it, but she has to get over it it's life and life goes on it's not that serious. You can't sacrifice your happiness just to make her happy ya know.
Yes I know. I'll just have to tell her...thank goodness I go a long time between cuts anyway. Mostly to avoid another bad cut, but wither way, it'll be awhile.

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Tell her you want to try someone new because you want a change. Or just be honest with her.

My sister has been a hair stylist since I was in the 7th grade. I haven't let her cut my hair for at least 15, if not 20, years. What it boiled down to was that my hair is difficult to cut, even for the most experienced stylist. My sister would give me a bad haircut, I'd get upset and resent her, and yet she was my sister so I couldn't do anything about it. I finally told her she could be my sister or cut my hair but she couldn't do both. That's the way it should be.
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When are women going to face the fact that they donít know their own bodies as well as men who have heard things?

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