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Taphycurl 12-05-2012 11:33 AM

What is a Dominican Salon?
I saw that a Dominican Salon recently opened in the small Florida town where I live. I'm not familiar with them.

How is a Dominican Salon different from any other salon?

Do they specialize in any type of treatments, hair types, etc?

Do they do something different from other salons?

Just wondering.

MrsPorter 12-05-2012 12:53 PM

Its like a regular salon except they use A LOT of heat to make your hair straight. Their hair is extremely thick, but it can cause very bad heat damage. I used to go once a month, but after I stopped my hair was shedding & falling out. Its also a process to get hair back to a good strength. If you decide to go, do it sparingly. For the health of your hair. Only because it can damage it.

btwitsnatasha 12-05-2012 09:38 PM

Its the same as a regular salon but since dominicans have different hair types they know how to get hair really straight. They do rollers than blow dry. Than use a bunch of serum at the end.
Oh and they also wash the hair really good ! They sometimes ask where it itches and really get in there :)

WurlyLox 12-06-2012 11:08 AM

I've been wondering what's up with them, too. They've popped up all over the place around the Atlanta area in the past couple of years.

KellyB 12-06-2012 12:18 PM

As a previous member said, here in the Dominican Republic there are EVERY kind of hair texture, also straight hair is considered beautiful hair.
Practically everyone (I would say 90% of women) straighten and/or relax their hair, and beauty salons are the 2nd most common business in the country.

No one's technique is more powerful than that of a Dominican Stylist with a blow dryer. I used to go about once every 7-10 days and I had perfect pretty straight hair every single day (I dont relax my hair). Also, I consider Dominicans are pretty good with relaxers and color. BUT! you can get serious heat damage.

I am 3b-3c and one of the reasons I decided to go naturally curly is because I am moving country in january (to a city where I dont know any Dominican stylist), and in the past 2 years visiting that place I am going to live in, I tried every beauty salon I could and realized no one could styled my hair as a Dominican can.

I recommend to go to a Dominican Salon, for example, if you want your hair straight to go to a party where you are going to dance all night long and jump and sweat and have fun, or maybe it is very humid and you dont want your hair to be frizz.

Also, Dominican hairdressers are fun, laugh and talk a lot :geek:

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