Curly in Seattle!

First time posting on these forums! Glad to be apart of this awesome curly community. I'm wondering if there are any curlies out there who LOVE their hair stylists in the Seattle or northern Seattle area? I've tried the Deva cut (with Liza at Vain) and the Ouidad cut (with Kelsey at Adore Salon). I think my hair prefers the Deva cut and I definitely like the prices of them better ($95 for a Ouidad "carve and slice" cut!).

I have 3b curls that tend to get poofy and big (80's hair). Any suggestions would be great!
Alexis at Vain is awesome! I went to her for years. She always cut mine a bit dry then washed and cut a bit wet then cut some more when styled. But it has been quite some time since I have seen her (moved to the burbs and found a great stylist for 1/2 the price but still not quite as good ).
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I have heard goods things about Alexis, the last time I went to vain though it was getting out of my price range and that was over 5 years ago! I may go back and try it again but i'm thinking of trying a salon in Fremont called Nola that i've heard good things about. Thank you for your input!

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I went to Liza for years and years and she was awesome. I believe she's the only one at Vain that did the original 5-day training Lorraine used to do and she has definitely been doing it longer than anyone else. I stopped going to her a couple years ago because she was so hard to get an appointment with. Then, if I needed to reschedule, I'd have to wait another 2-3 months.

I started seeing Amanda at the U-Village Gene Juarez when I couldn't get in to see Liza for 3 months. Amanda's great and her cuts are only $50. She's a curly herself so she understands curls. She doesn't do dry cuts, if that's important to you, but she is otherwise awesome. My hair is super thick and very coarse, 3b/c.
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