Run away from devachan!!!!

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Yikes! I'm so sorry you guys had such awful experiences! I'm completely shocked by Ms. Massey's actions, or rather lack of action. You would think that a woman who revolutionized curly hair would take better care of maintaining her reputation. Her Curly Hair handbook made me love my hair, and to think that this is how she treats her clients is just hurtful.

I'm completely horrified by all this, since I've been going to the NYC Devachan Salon for almost five years now. In all that time I never experienced anything like the way they stylists in all your stories behaved. I've heard from others that the NYC salons are a completely different experience from the California ones, and that's unfortunate because no matter where the salon is, you should get your money's worth.

What really shocked me, like someone else mentioned, was that the stylist still decided to do the color even though they obviously had no idea what they were doing. To put a little extra money over your client's needs and your reputation as a stylist is just vile. I'm also a bit surprised they used bleach on your hair just like that. I know in the NYC salon, they have specific colorists that handle any of the harsher dyes, and they won't do it unless your had a proper consultation. I remember my hair stylist told me that they discourage and often refuse to do the extreme dye jobs because with curls the result is unpredictable and they can't guarantee that you will get the result you want. At the very least, they should have given you that consultation and did everything they could to fix their mistake.

I feel like every curly girl has been a victim of horrendous salon visits that left us crying and hating our hair, but to get that kind of experience from a place that's supposed to be a Curly's Haven is just wrong.

I realize this might be a bit off topic, but when I last had a botched bleach job that left my hair super dry, I would religiously saturate my hair in either olive oil or coconut oil for several hours before a shower. It helped restore my hair big time. Try it, it might help you as well.

I hope you find a salon that cares more about the client than the extra money.
I'm so glad I found this post, I also had a terrible experience with Devachan and Ms Massey, similar situation...unhappy with a crappy outcome and an aggressive pretty much attacking response. It it is a shame that the lack of professionalism and integrity is still there. Ms Massey touts herself as some kind of curl loving evangelist but the disrespectful and arrogant way that she behaves and runs the business is pathetic and hypocritical.

I am thinking about reporting to better business bureau as Myrna suggested.
It would help if anyone else with similar experiences also made a report so that this unprofessional group learn their lesson.
Originally Posted by MonicaXS
Hey i'd love to hear about what happened? I get the feeling this is not her first time pissing off customers....I even read that Dasilva has some sexual harassment cases against him...

Im happy to report that after cutting a good 5-6 inches total, and slathering my hair with 3 minute miracle by aussie and shea moisture products....I have curls!!!! However I had to cut it myself since I was scared to go to a its a bit lopsided but Ill live, I wear my hair to side anyways, I plan to give my hair a couple more weeks to regroup completely and then cover the worn out blue with lavender, which I will do myself ...So fingers crossed! Its def been the roughest hair journey ever, and Ive had some bad ones....but lesson learned for sure, I even gave away my devachan I am officially DEVA and DRAMA FREE.
As these posts have piled up, it leaves me shaking my head. Let's step back: Ms. Massey saw a void, and she stepped into it. Before her, the only really well known maven for curly hair was Ouidad. I have never been to her salon, and maybe her products are not "CG friendly", but she does not have salons, stylist, training, books, and the volume of products spring up like mushrooms. I realize her cuts are not for everyone, but neither does she train people who are incompetent. Ms. Massey is in it for the money; she is probably laughing all the way to the bank. I am not saying she has not done good things for curlies; she has, and I wont take that away from her. But, you dont hear of any one walking away from a Ouidad salon with the kinds of experiences that many of us have had with "Deva stylists", who give a snip here and a snip there - $70, please - wash, if you can call it that - condition - load up on products - clip - sit us under the dryer - and almost $200 dollars later, we are walking out with hair like cotton candy or brillo pads, if y'all remember those. Like I said, I know she has done good things, but for me, the value of the approach is in her book. I could have saved a lot of money on the rest. My current stylist charge me $30 for a root touch; if she cuts a curl here and there, no charge; and a full cut and root touch will be $60. She has never argued with me about my bringing my own products, either, or charged me for a styling that I did, like one Deva stylist here did.

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