Stylist who cuts into curls?

I have long 3B hair and have had it cut in a different ways. My favorite results have come from technique that involves twirling multiple strands of hair and then cutting into it going down - from the top to the bottom - which creates corkscrew curls and also takes out the bulk.
Deva seems to be everywhere because it's being sold, but nobody's championing this other kind of haircutting, and so nobody really talks about it - and I don't know who created it. Does anyone know what I'm talking about - and what it's called? AND, does anyone know of anyone who does it well in the Boston area or anywhere in Massachusetts or New Hampshire?
That sounds like an interesting technique and you got good styling results from it. I once had a hairstylist that twisted my hair up above my head into a pony tail and cut into it and I received similar results. The problem I had with it was I had bad, frizzy hair days on humid days. How did this cut work for you on humid days. Deva cuts are the only ones that I have gotten so far that look decent on humid days or even windy days.
This type of cut worked really well for me on all days, plus it grew out really well. The stylist who did it moved away - and I can't even find her to ask what it was - which I didnt think to do before...
That is a shame. If only you could find her on Facebook or Linkedin. Is there anyone at the salon where she used to work who cuts hair similarly?
Good points, thx. I'll look around more. I was hoping that someone might know of someone who did something similar, but it's seeming not...

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