deva curl salon finder lists?

So what is up with the salon finder on the Deva curl web site? I looked there last summer and found several salons listed in RI/CT. Not that being listed there means anything as the Deva cut I got in Clinton CT was done on wet hair with no difference from any cut I have ever had except the price was much higher! But the Deva site does say the people have been trained but Deva takes no responsibility for them whatsoever. But I was at a salon in Providence that claims several Deva trained stylists and I wanted to see if they were listed on the Deva site. None on the salons that were listed there from RI/CT six months ago are listed there now. I wonder why. Any thoughts? A web site problem?
I don't know about the question of how/why stylists stay on Deva website. But I can tell you I've gone to several Deva-trained stylists for either a cut or a consult. Some are really into it and some have had the training but don't really like to cut dry. I called Devachan and they told me there is just one level of training - two days in NY. So the stylists who are more proficient, I think, are the ones who like working on curly hair and do it a lot. There are others who will say they cut either wet or dry and I met with one who told me she had the Deva training but she's been cutting wet for years and doesn't like to cut dry.

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