Lakeland/Winter Haven, Florida area

Moving from Alabama to Florida has proven to be disastrous for my hair. I haven't been found A decent stylist yet. Every stylist I talk to wants to blow my hair out straight and then cut it - I caved a few months ago, as I was desperate for a cut. If anyone could recommend a stylist in my area, my hair would jump for joy! I know there are stylists in the Orlando and Tampa areas, but due to budget cuts, I can't afford to travel that far.
I'm very close to whacking away at my own hair. I just watched YouTube vids on how to cut your own hair into layers!!
Hey! Coco, I live in Auburndale I love Amanda at Salon Micheline in Lakeland. Really listens and does well with curly hair. What are your curls like (texture, type, porosity, etc)? I am going to try out Salon Lavish in Tampa in late April as they have a Deva trained stylist. Just wanted to give it a try!

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