Mirrors salon by Carols Daugther

Hi all,

I saw an article today about mirrors salon in Harlem by Carols Daugther. Anyone have info on this?

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Hey there,
I am the Guest Service Specialist at Mirror Salon.

At Mirror; our priority is the health of your hair. To reach your hair’s full potential, we have to completely understand it from the inside out through our True Reflection Consultation by which we create a Customized Therapy layout that works best for your everyday lifestyle.

This an educational experience that is designed to provide you with a personalized healthy hair care plan. All first-time guests are required to have a consultation. Once we identify your hair’s texture & type we then focus on the current condition.

The True Reflection Consultation is also designed to provide you with a Signature Style, Cut & Color Blueprint. We have an array of style options for every step of your journey from silky straight to perfect curls.

We specialize in:
-Curls, Waves & Kinks
For Perfect Curls that are frizz-free and easy to manage.
-Coil Care
Twists, curl and coils that are long-lasting and full of shine.
-Lock Care
Palm-rolled locks that are full of luster and easy to maintain.
-Hair Sets
Under the dryer styles that are soft to the touch and free of frizz.
-Blow outs
Heat-Protected Ionic blow-outs that are to achieve hair that is glossy and full of bounce.
-Straight Styling
Sleek-styles that use a controlled heat Ceramic Fusion flatiron and ionic blow-out.

For more information or to book an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact me. I'd be happy to assist you!

Amnel Holguin
Guest Service Specialist
Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.

Amnel Holguin

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Thanks!!!! I sent you a message. I will try calling Friday.

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