Hi y'all, so apparently I really suck at making posts these days, but I've been to Tina twice now since she's moved from the William Mason salon in Prattville to Wow Salon in Prattville. I've written about her amazing cuts before here, and I know that if you've read that post, you basically know what's coming:

Tina is so fantastic you guys, I can't even explain.

So I'd been wanting something different. A lot different. I'm one of those "once a year" haircut people (and I definitely skipped last year's haircut) so my head looked big and floofy and it was hot hot hot. So I called Wow, made an appointment with Tina and went off in search of pictures to inspire a new haircut.

I wasn't expecting to love something that required clippers, but isn't life strange?

So I waltzed in on Tuesday, a little bit before my appointment time (with my mother and sister in tow) and sat down. I was about 15 minutes early, and Tina was still with her previous appointment. While she was wrapping up, not one but two other ladies made sure I was being taken care of and was comfortable. Very awesome!

When it was my turn, I showed Tina pictures of what I was liking, we discussed parts and length and everything else, until I felt really comfortable with how everything was going to look. Then, she got out the clippers, shaved first and even humored me by going down by guard sizes so I could see how things were going. Then we went back to the shampoo area so that little hairs wouldn't be everywhere.

Washed and conditioned, I went back to the chair and Tina gave me the rest of my cut. As always, she was the perfect mixture of friendly, professional and funny.

After the cut, she blow dried my hair and styled it straight to best show off my new 'do. All the products used treated my hair very nicely, were all very light and very well used.

Afterwards, Tina handed me off to another fabulous lady (I'm 99% sure her name was Amber) to do my eyebrows and she was excellent as well. Very polite, funny and pleasant to be around. She paid very close attention to my gripes about not wanting very thin eyebrows and checked with me twice to make sure things were going the way I wanted them to (they were, she's got a great eye). You can bet I'll be coming back to Wow for my eyebrow maintenance as well!

The wash, cut and dry was $40 (before tip) and the eyebrow wax was $15 (also before tip).

All in all, Wow Salon has a great thing going with their super friendly and capable staff and as always, Tina is magnificent.

(Yeah okay, I hear you; here are the pictures!)

Before the cut: look at all that floof. It was about BSL when wet/pulled straight.

Post cut, day of. Much better!!

Day after cut, shaved side.

Day after cut, curly side (I love this length so much). The colour here is more or less true, depending on your monitor.

Yesterday's style (vaguely Grecian and/or weeping angel style dress and hair) from the front.

Yesterday's style from the back- this haircut is a lot more versatile than one would initially think!

Today I've got the front in a pouf/victory roll mixup and the back slicked into a short ponytail. I am absolutely loving my haircut!
Hairtype: 3a/b, normal elasticity, low porosity, medium thick & fine- my hair can't get enough protein!

*****HG Routine*****
Cleanse: Care Cure Conditioner
LI: Biolage Conditioning Balm (not very often used anymore, really)
Styling: Eco Style Protein Gel and a diffuser (pixiecurl method).