salon cielo in mall at millenia Orlando

Has anybody been to this salon, how was it? I dont know if i should try this it looks nice and the have really good products like bumble and bumble and moraccanoil. I asked the receptionist if they cut curly hair and she said yes but i wasnt able to get a consultation because they were packed. I am just a little worried because its in a mall. I really dont want anything drastic though because i want to keep my hair long but i am also in the middle of transitioning. I have 3a hair that is pretty frizzy and very thick. In the past many stylist have either broken their brush when brushing my hair or gotten it stuck Should i try them out or drive an hour and try studio 11 salon and get a deva cut? Thank you
Hi Kassidy,
I looked at there review and the one stylist that was reviewed is no longer there. The question isn't can you cut curly hair but do you have anyone that specializes in curly hair and if the answer is yes then the next question is what kind of training have they done. The products you mentioned, while being good products, are not curly specific brands. I would hate for you to get a bad cut and then have a lengthy growing out time. I always tell my clients that if you sit in someones chair and in your gut it doesn't feel right that they should leave. A few minutes of embarrassment is much better then months of growing out a bad cut. I say keep looking and you will find a good stylist. Don't settle and if you need any other info to ask stylists please let me know.

Doug Lilley
Doug Lilley
Owner/Stylist Studio 138
Fullerton, Ca.
Deva Curl Certified Stylist

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