Hey everyone! I am new to all of this. Going on week 4. I am a 3b/c with high density, high personify and coarse. I started by getting rid of poo completely. Thought if I'm gonna do it I am all in. I was just finishing out the rest of the conditioner that I had(Herbal Essance-color me happy). I then found L'oreal's EverCurl line and started using the Cleansing Conditioner to co-wash and was using the H.E. on the length. I noticed a build up so I though I'd try Ouidad and got the Balancing Rinse and Tress Effects gel. I am not using any kind of leave in or oils. Not sure If I need to be or what. There have been a few days of good curls in my underneath layers but mostly my hair seems limp. I co-wash twice a week and noticed that the Ouidad products I chose have proteins in them. Back when I was using Redken products I would use Anti-snap and noticed my hair would feel dry and brittle. I m wondering if my hair is sensitive to protein?? I am trying to grow out a hair cut where it was thinned A LOT for a specific look while straight. This was "the only way to get the look that I think would look great for your face shape and texture of hair" was what was said to me. I didn't know as much about my hair then as I do now. I know this seems long and all over the place but I am not sure of what products I should be using or what to do. Is it just cause my hair is getting use to the change? Am I not using the right products? Should I go and cut my hair and start fresh? Help! Thanks for sticking with this long post. I really want to learn to love my curls and learn what I need for my hair. All of the different choices makes this very overwhelming. Thanks again!