Inexpensive stylists in Boston?

Hi curlies! I'm a student attending university in the Boston area and I recently decided that I want a legit salon haircut. I've only been doing little at-home trims since I did my big chop in summer 2011, but now I want to cut off three or four inches and I have neither the balls nor the patience to do that myself. I checked the salon finder, but there are so many choices, I don't know where to start. Does anyone have recommendations for a less expensive stylist in either Boston or the Cambridge/Somerville/Medford area?

By the way, my hair is mostly 3B/3A, with some 2B and 2C scattered through, especially in the underlayer. Thick and coarse near the crown (chemo curls -- apparently they tend to be coarser?) but a little finer underneath. It's got a kind of U shape, mid-back length in the back and bra-strap length at the sides; there's also some choppy super short bits ranging from about two to six inches long around my face and at the nape of my neck from my terrible habit of picking at my hair.

Thanks so much.
Would you go to Chelmsford, in the suburbs? LaBella Salon does curly cuts well.

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