HELP! Need salon in South FL/Ft Lauderdale


I just moved to Ft Lauderdale and need to find a salon/stylist for a serious summer haircut. I have low porosity, very kinky hair. It is EXTREMELY thick kinky and unruly on the bottom and more straight and just plain frizzy on the top. The top is thin, the bottom is like a literal bush. It takes me 30 minutes to get it wet, conditioned, and combed through every shower. I think if I skipped a day I would prob start getting dreds. I have the typical extreme triangle problem. I need a stylist who understands this mixed type curly hair who can remove the bush from the bottom. I did Ouidad cut once and while it was great, I did not like how I had to return a few weeks later when the odd little peices grew back and started sticking up all over my head. (3C/4B combo on the lower half of my head).

Anyway, can anyone recommend a salon in preferably Broward county/Ft Lauderdale area? Thank you!!

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