Help! Long shot but...stylist in South Korea?

Hi guys
I realise this is a long shot but does anyone happen to know of a stylist in South Korea that can cut curly hair? I just started CG about 2 weeks ago and am desperate for a curly cut, i have a long fringe (bangs) that I grew out which is so thick and really needs something doing to it. But everyone here has straight hair so I'm super cautious! I would love love love to get a deva cut but I think I have 0% of that happening
I feel for you. Some people cut their own hair and that may be your best chance. On the Curly Girl DVD there is a section about that, and also a section in the book about it. There are also a number of online videos. Some people use the ponytail method to add subtle layers to their hair, and it's quick and easy. I only tried to cut my hair once, and if I hadn't gone crazy with trying to add short layers it actually would have turned out pretty decently. If you can't find anyone you have nothing to lose by trying (as long as you cut only a small amount); after all, if you don't like the way it turns out you can always get a straight hair cutting stylist to fix it.

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