Where is Rosa from Christo salon in Manhattan?

Does anyone know how to reach Rosa from Christo salon? I called to book a haircut with her and they said she was no longer there. And of course they would not tell me where she went. Thanks!
if you know her last name, google her. she just might come up.
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This is to answer the person looking for Rosa After almost a year of searching, she is ar studio hair craft by Ray in the Gregory hotel on 34th street. I just want to add that before I found her I had my hair cut by Mariana at Christo and am very very happy. This is a big endorsement because zi saw Rosa for several years, had one haircut by someone else at christo after she left and wasn't happy, but Mariana did a wonderful job.
Hi, I only had my hair styled by Rosa never cut. I had one cut at Christo by Alice but hated it. I am looking for a new stylist and was going to try Rosa but then she had left. So would you recommend going to Marianna or Rosa, since you have had your hair cut by both. My hair is very fine. Thanks.
I also have fine hair and am looking for a new stylist as well.

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