Please Review Your Stylist

I saw Natalie Clark from salon lofts studio 4 in St. Louis, MO. She actually specializes in curly hair. My hair was thick, dry, and had terribly damaged ends. And I came out of the salon with healthy, vibrant, and stylish hair. I loved that she reallly made sure I knew how to style my hair on my own and recommended hair products that would not cause build up or dryness. Not to mention, the good service, tea, candy and she is a hoot to talk to
I did a review for a new stylist I went to yesterday, but I still keep getting emails telling me to enter my review for the Salute to Stylists contest. Should I re-enter my review, or is the system just a little behind? Let me know. Thanks!!
ď7Ē Bellevue Square
I was not impressed with the individuals who schedule the appointments. Tracy has a very full schedule so trying to find a time that works with both our schedules was a challenge. The woman trying to schedule the appointment seemed annoyed at the amount of time it was taking to find a time slot.

The ambience
The dťcor is very modern, clean lines, black, with industrial edges. It leaves one with the impression of being behind the scenes of a runway show. There is also has a night club feel, the music is pumping and there is a great deal of movement. Some might consider this upscale. Maybe 10 years ago this was the upscale theme, but modern design is more clean, green and serene. Iím not sure if Iím their demographic but if Iím not, they are in the wrong part of town. I am just a cookie cutter of most women on the eastside and especially those who frequent Bell-Square. My first impression put me off, however, the staff once you enter has great customer service. I ordered my latte and waited, not long.

She is very friendly and immediately puts you at ease. She sat with me to discuss my objectives from the appointment. She then shared with me her thoughts and showed me how much length I should remove. I rarely cut my hair because I do a ďchemical cutĒ. Meaning, Iím so brutal with my hair that it just breaks off. As a consequence it looks ragged all the time. She is VERY knowledgeable about curly hair, the various types, moisture/protein balance, and hair products. She even talked about products not sold by the salon (she also shared information about the salon products). She also explained the importance of regular haircuts. She used a great analogy of a stocking when it gets a snag. When the stocking snags when you pull on it the snag gets bigger. The hair is like that snag. When it gets a split end and you tug on it even if itís just through a gentle routine the split moves up the hair and weakens the strand until it breaks off. The purpose of the trim is to reduce the snags from moving up the hair shaft. I feel like she spent the right amount of time with me, understanding where I wanted to go with my hair and helped lay out a plan to get there.

The Cut
After our sit down discussion she had her assistant soak my hair and moisturize it. She believes the scalp should be exfoliated. Her theory is the follicles are alive and if the scalp has build up from products the follicles are not getting the necessary oxygen and blood movement for ideal growth. She had the wash girl poo my scalp, but recommend that I first soak my hair, than condition and rinse, then use a tsp of baking soda with my conditioner and massage the scalp rinse and condition again (leaving it in). She then combed my hair Ė yes combed. I do not use a comb, I finger comb only. She explained to me that my hair was smooth and didnít snag. She believes combing the hair down helps with smoothness. But she stressed to not pull on the hair when there are snags but to gently work them out to not break the hair. After the cut she applied styling products and finger curled my hair. Iíve had this done by stylist in the past and it has always turned out awful! But I went with it. She then diffused my hair (high heat low air flow) and I was stunned. It has been years since my hair has looked so good! I have attached before and after pictures for your own judgment.

The cost was a bit high compared to what I normally pay roughly $75 plus a $12 tip. I bought 3 products bringing the total to $176.
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Hello! I do not have a stylist yet for my natural hair! I am looking to do my BC soon, so if you know any good natural stylist please let me know. Thanks!
I want to try gene Juarez for a relaxer, blow-dry straightening, and color!

NovemBer 2012 Long $ex At FitNess Center With Flat Iron Special With Spiral Cone Wand
NovemBer 2012 Long $ex At Pier 1
Hair Length At Start 10 inches NovemBer 15th 2012
Goal Waist 24 inches March 2015
Hair African Curls 2-3-4A Fuzzy Wide
ShamPoo Aussie Moist
ConDitioner Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle
The last time I was at DyeVerCity salon I got a massage along with a service. The service I got was a Dominican Blowout. It was awesome! The only thing that I was not pleased with is that I think that too much hair was trimmed because my hair seemed a lot shorter. I did not see that many split ends in my hair but the blow out is amazing! I rarely go out but like a week after I got my hair done I went to a club with 2 of my friends. The club humidity makes my hair go poof! So i was expecting it to be so not cute when it was time to go but............ MY HAIR WAS STILL STRAIGHT!!! Never, nothing, zero tries of any sort have had that effect on my hair so kudos to blow outs! Thank you Stacy !!! Thank you for coming to Walgreens and suggesting a blow out. I have been missing out on this. Stacy is a wonderful stylist and everyone in the shop seems friendly. Stacy is SUPER sweet and friendly and I do enjoy going to her salon. I am making an appointment tomorrow for Tuesday. Hopefully they can fit me in ^_^
The "curl specialist" Joy at Colors is AMAZING!!! She works miracles and she is so sweet!!!! I would recommend her and the salon to anyone with curly hair! The salon itself is beautiful and everyone that works there is very nice! If you have curly hair and hate it,,,,GO to Colors will fall in LOVE with your gorgeous curls!

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