A List of Natural Hair Stylist in Houston, Texas

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Natural Resources
4715 La Branch St.
Houston, TX 77004
(713) 528-7102



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There are more but those are the ones that I know off the top of my head.
Have you been to any of these? What was your experience? I had my BC done at Uncle Funky's.
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My natural hair salon is Natural Resources. Tamika is my stylist and I've been going there since I was transitioning. I went in Uncle Funkys but I didn't like the vibe. My main point in posting the salons was to give others ideas on some shops in the Houston area but I can only speak on two of them from personal experience. My salon "Natural Resources" is awesome. My interview with Uncle Funky's wasn't so great so I didn't pick them when I was transitioning.
I have been going to Natural Resource Salon since February and it was the best choice I could have made. I started my transition in September 08. I went to 3 other salons here in Houston--which you mention at the beginning of this post. One salon was a full service salon that did a variety of services hair, nails, massage, etc. but the WAIT time—OMG—even with an appointment was 5 hours!!! The second salon, the owner “didn’t know I was there” and I was there for approximately 4 hours. My time is valuable just like the next person so sitting in a salon all day to get two-strand twist without extensions or rod sets is ridiculous. The third salon, I didn’t make an appointment the owner’s customer service skills were less than stellar and I have seen others say the same so it wasn't just me. I went to Natural Resources, had a consultation on the spot, purchased their products per their recommendation and scheduled my appointment. I have not looked back since then. I love my two-strand twists, I use only their shampoos, conditioners, moisturizers, or let me not forget—because I workout a lot—they have a hair deodorizer. They do not overbook. Each client is given their own time slot. They are very professional, courteous and aim to please their clients. No wonder they had a year waiting list. They are about to expand and move to another location, please try them—you won’t regret it!!!

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Does anyone know of a stylist who cuts naturally curly hair (3c). I don't do twists, braids, cornrows, knots, etc. I am super simple. I do strictly wash-no-go.
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Has anyone been to Zayds? I had the same experience at Uncle Funkys Daughter so I am juggling between Zayds and Natural Resources. Please tell me your experience with Zayds. Thanks
I been to Zady the owner Shawnais awesome If u want a fierce hair cut u most go to K'Monteeverybody in the shop are friendly

On another note I'm thinking of trying Natural Resources

Has anyone been to Zayds? I had the same experience at Uncle Funkys Daughter so I am juggling between Zayds and Natural Resources. Please tell me your experience with Zayds. Thanks
Originally Posted by Curly Carley
Does anyone know of a stylist who cuts naturally curly hair (3c). I don't do twists, braids, cornrows, knots, etc. I am super simple. I do strictly wash-no-go.
Originally Posted by lilricks

I have been to natural resources and though is seems the owner is really passionate the staff was really rude, and inconsiderate. The consultation consisted of looking through magazines and asking what I want done when I kept asking what is best for my hair. I really didnt like my experience there and its was on more than one occasion.
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I've tried Natural Resources. The owner seems passionate but she can also lack tact when it comes to her customer service skills. The other stylists are rude and the front desk receptionist is BEYOND ridiculous. They won't get any more of my money. Houston only has a handful of natural hair salons, unlike other major cities. Uncle Funky's daughter is located in the same area. The salon owner was also rude. The two salons are in competition with one another. Though I'm not a fan or patron of Natural Resources and think they're over priced with poor customer service, the upside is that they provide decent styles and natural products.
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I have fully transitioned to the other world I couldn't be more happy with my 4A hair. I am just needing a nice style for it. I have done both a twist out and a braid out but I want a professional to tell me why it never last more than 2 days. I have tried so many products and I think I am a product junkie now (only until I get it right hopefully). I see that Natural Resources comes in highly recommended but I also see the comments about the owner and the receptionist so now I am not so sure. I really would like to try one of the more recommended but does anyone have any other suggestions
Alright, I finally found a salon that really does a great job in natural hair. Natural Fit is located near Willowbrook Mall. Address is 17675A Tomball Parkway, Houston 77064.

The stylist name is Kristalynn and she was really detailed in explaining healthy hair. She only does one person at a time and its private so I didn't have other folks staring at me. Call her at 281-241-6868. Her hours are really convenient for folks that work. I had a consultation on Thursday evening and then on that following Sunday she did my hair. I was fresh for the new week!

I LOVED when Tamika did my big chop and hair styles from 2005-2008. I hadn't been back because I felt I could do majority of the styles myself. Well, I decided to give them a call today after 6 years of not going to the salon. I called and the receptionist was beyond rude. I could not believe it after Tamika put all this effort into this wonderful salon. I also requested Tamika and was told that she no longer took clients because she's busy doing other things outside of the salon. I then asked about the person they were trying to put me with (how long had she been doing hair, etc.) and was told that all their stylist were good....ughhhhh.

On the hunt for another salon now....

Things have definitely changed at Natural Hair Resources and not for the good.
I've not visited any of these places, but thanks for letting know. I'll definitely pick one of these places next time to get my next hair style.


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