Nicole Siri?

Is Nicole currently cutting hair in Reston, VA
or is she at a salon out in Washington state?

Nicole Siri has hit the Bellevue's curly hair market! Her recent publication in Seattle Magazine is beautiful. Love her amazing results! Book an appointment and see for yourself .. Salon SoMa in Bellevue @(425) 455-1343
She comes to the DC area every few months for a weekend to cut her regular clients hair. You can try to get on her email list so that she will email you an advance invitation with dates that she is coming.

Or call the salon in reston and find out when she is coming and book an appt. However she gets filled up really fast, so you may have to call and not book for the next time she is coming, but for the time after that.

At least that's they way it has been working for a while.
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