SURFACE hair products...where? who?

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Hello! Does anyone know where I can purchase these vegan hair products called Surface? I tried a sample over my Brazilian Keratin treated hair and I was sold, but the lady did not wanted to tell me how to buy them.

If anyone knows I will gladly appreciate it!

Looks like a salon-only product. The website dominicana posted has a search feature for salons that carry it.
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Playing with my hair is a hobby. Fluffy, fine natural 4a. Goal= Healthy, beautiful hair that retains its length.
Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Thank you so much ladies!
I email Surface company and they reply with a phone number of a supplier in my area.
I hope they sell to general public. This product is amazing. My daughter's hair is so soft, and shiny.
And I used the hydrating gloss on my Brazilian keratin treated hair and WOW! What a pair! The hair was beyond perfection.
If I can put my hands on these products I will post pictures.

-- duplicated post, sorry--
Hey, I was thinking of getting the surface treatment. Looks like this post was from like 4 years ago...but its worth a shot. Have you gotten the straightening done? I've heard some reports that your hair will get really unhealthy and dry after...So yeah, just wondering, did your daughter continue to get the treatment?
I am a surface user FOR LIFE! My hair is thick, course, kinky and frizzy. I have put it through bleaching, sun-ins, chlorine, permanent and semi-permanent hair coloring on top of various keratin, Brazilian straightening treatments. A few years ago I was introduced to surface and it's changed my entire image!! I do the completely smoothed out process and it reduced the volume of my hair, fizziness and cut my blow dry time in half!! I don't even need to go over it with a flat iron, and unlike other straightening systems.... My hair feels softer and healthier with each process!!! For 2 years I've been getting my hair smoothed "straightened" every 4 months and still love it! I can go swimming, to the gym, and I even get my color the SAME DAY I get it straightened!!
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