Natural hair salon or stylist in Chicago?

I'm transitioning right now, but when I decide to get my hair cut, I'll need advice. Does anyone know of a hair salon that works with 4a/4b/3c hair, in Chicago? Preferably on the north side or downtown, but I'm flexible. =D Thanks guys! Edit: Nevermind the transitioning bit. =)

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I'm gonna risk being annoying and bump this.
Man....seems we're in the same boat here. Not a single curly on this site has gotten a cut in it seems. And I REALLY need a yesterday!

Somebody? Anybody?
There is no art in easy.
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I *joined* to find a good salon in Chicago! It's a huge city, why doesn't anyone know?

I heard good things on yelp about Southport Hair Studio, but I can't find reviews really anywhere else and no first hand experiences. I have serious trepidation about getting my hair cut, I haven't in a really long time, and I need one.

Any help? Any at all?

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