help in las vegas

Hi All,

I am looking for any help/advice out there. I moved to Las Vegas in August & have been having hair issues ever since. I have been a CG for almost 8 years & up until this move (from NY state) have LOVED my curls. I had a great Deva trained stylist & my routine was down pat.

Now my hair is sooo funky! It is not frizzy, but it is not as full, the curls are weird & dry & it just always looks bad. I had 1 cut by a so-called "curly stylist" at Club Sport Salon but I think she messed it up. I need a new cut but don't know where to go. I took my daughter (also curly) to Rachel at the Aveda salon at The District & it was ok, but not great enough to convince me to try her.

I am looking for salon recommendations as well as any tips on hair care for out here in the dessert. I am a 3b & my daughter is a 3b/3c. I am experimenting with different products & routines but so far, I haven't had any luck. In the past I left in a bit of One Condition & then used Arc Angell. That's it & it was perfect. When I try that here I do not get any curl definition. Just soft, silly looking curls. I do not like crunchy curls either, as too much product will do.

Any help???! Thanks so much!
I am moving to Vegas in the next couple of months. I gave up my stylist here in MI because I wanted to go natural and she is very good with chemicals but not natural curls so I have been without for the last several months.

I too want to find a good salon in Vegas to handle my new CG nature.

Please help! 3c

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