Sacramento Area Stylist - HELP ME PLEASE

I have an consultation appt today with Ms. Susan will let you know how it went!
If anyone is interested in a Ouidad cut, there's a great stylist in Roseville, Jennifer Gouge and she works out of Neveah Salon & Spa. She's cut my hair that last couple of times and has done a great job! My hair is a mix of 3 a/b/c and she handled it beautifully!
NorCal Chica

Hair Type:3a & 3b/c underneath, thick, inverted bob!
CG since early 9/08!

Products: Suave Naturals, LA Looks Curls gel, ACV rinse, LOOB...

Occasionally use: CK, KY, Carol's Daughter Hair Milk

Looking for my HG, suggestions anyone?!

"Though shall not covet thy neighbors hair." -Me!

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