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I'm tired of the 2strand twists I've been wearing for decades, and now the grey hairs are getting me down. I'd like to go to a salon that can handle my African American 4a (extremely thick, cottony, over 50% shrinkage) lightly texturized hair.

I need a good cut and color so I can wear a decent twist-out. I've seen the reviews of Curves, but surely there are others that can handle this type of hair.

Suggestions please?
Christo Fifth Avenue
574 5th Ave. 5th Floor
(between 46th and 47th st)
New York, NY 10036
Salon Hours
Monday - Friday
10 - 6
10 - 4

Diane DaCosta

Louis Licari, I forgot the stylist name, it might be A.Dickey but I'm really not sure, ask for the guy who styles natural hair.
4b is me
hi, i went to diane da costa and she's wonderful. she's less expensive than curve and much nicer and patient. check her out... nappymd sent you her link. she's at serenity salon in soho. check out my fotki album to see my hair. sorry, i don't have any befores, but TRUST me, it was more than worth it. i use to go to curve and will never go back!

also i made an appt at christo's but i was worried with them being able to take me from start to a complete finish. they were very nice, but still i wanted to make sure i wouldn't have to go home and "fix" my hair before going out in public. at the end of the day, i made the right decision to stick with diane...again, her prices are better than others...and she's just as qualified/experienced.
Hair type: 4a/b...

Constantly seeking the perfect product combinations. I just want healthy and manageable hair!!!

Natural hair photo journey, starting October 2006:
password: healthyhair

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