Anyone relax curls with a perm?

I have a weird curl pattern - I'm probably a 3B on the bottom, with tight ringlets, but I'm a 3A or even a 2 on the top layers, where my hair "bends" more than it curls. I have an appointment for a perm next month - my new stylist (who does lots of perms, and has naturally wavy hair herself) says a perm done on big rods will give me softer, looser curls all over. Has anyone done this, and what was your experience?
Curly-Tracy, I have very wavy hair that I perm once every six months or so, to add more spiral-like curls to my hair. So, I guess my hair, and what I desire out of a perm is the opposite of what you want. However, I have had many perms over the years, and I have never had a bad perm. I always go to the same stylist who really is an expert with perms. I have heard many horror stories from other women about how perms fried their hair, or the perm fell apart. Just make sure you really trust the stylist you are going to when getting a perm. Good luck with your hair!

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