QOD Gold question, & keratin4u?


I finally decided to go ahead with the QOD Gold treatment for my hair. But I have a weird question, does anyone know what the shampoo and conditioner smell like? and if they are worth getting, or just find a sodium chloride free shampoo?

Also I found the treatment on keratin4u.com website. They say they are resellers for the product, but it's much cheaper than the original one, which makes me hesitant in getting from there. Does anyone know of them?

i just bought from them today too. just the 4oz to see how it works. hopefully it will be alright
does anyone know if you can use wen hair care with these products? im trying to find stuff i have that will not take out the treament. i just looked at my curl fix cleansing cond from curl junkie and i dont think i can use thatdoes anyone know what can be used?
well i got my qod max on friday from ebay and of course applied it immediatly. the weekend was tough not washing my hair.i have a shorter bob and may have used to much because boy was my hair greasy, guncky....but, on monday when i washed it my hair was silky, and frizzfree. totally. i had to touch up a few pieces with the curling iron but it took 1/2 or less time to do my hair. i dont wear it curly anymore and this is a perfect solution for me. the test will be to see how long it lasts..
Actually I finally got in touch with someone from qodusa.com and said that they have no affiliations at all with keratin4u.com, and that they are the only official resellers of it in USA. They also mentioned that any bottle that has a sticker on it, instead of the name and logo printed directly on the bottle, is fake.
I am the owner of Keratin 4 U and would like to inform that the statements given by QOD USA are completly incorrect . The manufacturer in Brazil is aware of their false statement and added our information to their website to avoid any confusion. It is very sad to know that our distributors would give such information. The bottles also do have a label attached to it only the new QOD MAX is printed directly to the bottle.
You can verify that we are official distributors
Any questions fell free to email me at

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