I Want Straight/Wavy Hair :(

Hello Everybody,
Well, my issue here is that I really don't like my curly hair. Sure, I do get compliments, but it isn't the actual CURL I hate, it is the time, frizz, and puff that comes with it. When it is done correctly, curly hair looks GORGEOUS, but I just wish I could wake up, brush my hair, and leave. I am a teenage, caucasian girl in high school and my hair is just too high maintnence, and sometimes, embarrasing when it gets too frizzy or puffy. At the moment I use Ouidad climate control gel and a leave in conditioner my Ouidad. They work pretty well, but my hair is just so unpredictable. Straight hair would just make me a lot happier, but I don't know how to achieve it. I have gotten the Keratin Treatment, and that didn't do much. I feel like there is nothing I can do. I would appreciate any comments, advice, and even products that can be used! Sorry this is so long. :/ and thanks in advance! Oh, I forgot to mention, I think I have 3a/mostly 3b hair !
Hey Caitlin! I am a looooooooooong way off from being in HS, lol, but I totally feel your pain! My 3c hair was short only because back then no one had a clue what to do with it. EVERY day I would wash, blow dry straight, do hot rollers and curl with my curling iron~yikes!! Can't believe I did that for soooo many years, all because I wanted straight, pretty hair. And yep, as soon as there was an ounce of humidity I had giant puffball. All I wanted to do was wake up in the morning and throw my hair into a ponytail and look great like everyone else! I did all that stuff thru college and after that I started relaxing it, not to wear it straight but just so I could manage it. Fast forward to 18 months ago when my hair gal said that relaxing, coloring and highlighting (all 3) was killing my hair so that was the beginning of the end and now I'm natural after allll these years.
Ok, the reason I told you that whole story, and I am old enough to be your mom...is that if I were you, DON'T do all that stuff that I did for so many years, my hair was always such a huge burden. It's only very recently that I'm finally trying to embrace my curls and set them free. By reading a ton of info on this site, I have learned soooo much about how to deal with my curls. It's been quite the journey but for the first time in probably 30 years I've quit using my curling iron/flat iron and I still diffuse but not as much as before. My hair is way more healthy now and I'm beginning to feel liberated from all the work and hours it took to make it look "nice" (which for many years for me meant "straight.")
You have come to the right place, there are so many sweet gals on here who know a whole lot more than me about this but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone in this!! We all will be right behind you to help and cheer you on!! Much success to you Caitlin!!
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Thank you so much! This really did help! I also don't think I do my hair correctly. :/ so that could be part of the problem. I really appreciate the help and advice!
Hi Caitlin,

I imagine that over the course of your life you will try many things to change your look. Eventually( if you're self aware) you will make peace with much of what you have, but maybe not all. I have curly, frizzy but soft( 3b?) hair. I have been relaxing it for 20 years. I do not now , nor have I ever liked the way I look with curly hair, and I abhor frizz. When I have gone natural, generally in a fit of frustration with relaxing, blow drying and flat-ironing, I always end up back at the same place. I don't like frizz, and curly hair is just as much work. I like the way straight hair, with body looks. That's me though, you will have to chose.Relaxing my hair gets rid of the frizz and the curl. Your hair will be dead straight and flat when you leave the salon. The first time you wash, some of your natural body will come back. However, if you decide you want to wear curls, you will have to make them with a curling iron. Straight is straight. Here is what you are in for if you go with a relaxer, and what I would recommend.
1. Get a mild relaxer from someone who does them regularly. Also get a deep conditioner( with heat). You might have some chemical burns/sensitive scalp.
2. Try not to wash more than once a week, so you're natural oils come back.
3. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo( not medicated) that conditions the scalp. Use a good conditioner, but not one that is to heavy or you'll end up with limp, shineless hair.
4. Don't use a lot of product. It's will dull hair and flatten it. Just a little anti-frizz serum before you blow-dry is enough.Make sure your roots are really dry. Get a light weight, "no flyaway" cream for everyday.
5. Invest in a good ceramic flat-iron, if you need to flat-iron as well. Read ingredients on products before you buy. Avoid anything with alcohol.
6. Get a deep conditioner (with heat) at least once a month. Get your ends trimmed regularly.
7. Patience.
Good luck!
Thanks so much! This really helps! Unfortunately, my mom really, REALLY doesn't want me to get a relaxer due to some of the after math (dead looking hair, scalp burns, etc) but i guess i'll keep trying to find that miracle product!
It's supposed to be all natural and the reviews on this site haven't been too shabby:

Curl away: Natural relaxer
you definitely sound like you could benefit from a brazilian blowout. it doesn't damage your hair like the brazilian keratin treatment, and leaves you with your natural curl pattern, just takes out the frizz. It not cheap, but you could just buy the products(mainly the conditioners/serum), which my mom has used (she has 3b hair) and it relaxed her curls a bit and left them frizz free. I was amazed when I saw how loose her curls were after she used it
I also wish for wavy hair......ahhh if only........
I also wish for wavy hair......ahhh if only........
Originally Posted by imgonnastartawar
You don't have to say "if only". Just save your cash and get the BB.

Look, I have really curly hair. Blow-drying got it to straigher with some waves. You just need to invest in some good products, a huge ceramic brush, and a quality ionic blow-dryer. In less than a half-hour, you'll have straighter hair. Use a serum on top, and it will stay looking great for days (except maybe if you sweat a lot, get caught in rain, or it's high summer with high humidity and dew points).

You don't have to agonize. Just invest in it if you hate your curls. Once you have a basic set-up, you just have to buy the products when they run out.

Or yeah, like I said, save up or ask for cash for Christmas/birthdays and do the BB. 3 months of more manageable hair (if you get a good stylist that doesn't screw your hair up).

No moaning necessary. Just strategy.
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Do the ceramic brushes really work better? Are there certain brands that are better for blow drying?
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Do the ceramic brushes really work better? Are there certain brands that are better for blow drying?
Originally Posted by KarenRB53
For me, amazing difference. And faster. Instead of 40 minutes, I had smooth, mostly straight (I like wavy ends) hair in 20 mins, 25 if I was lollygagging a bit. The combo of ionic dryer with a HUGE HUGE ceramic brush really almost acts like a gentler flat iron (except you don't get the straight ends unless you use the squared off special brush for that). I found the a barrel size of 3.5 to 4 inches worked best. Less than that and I was more wavy and it took more time. I dried on high heat.

I dont' do it now cause I'm natural, but if I wanted wavy to straighter hair for an event or a change of pace, that's what I'd go back to doing.

But make very sure you use a protectant. I found that FHI hot sauce and CHI serum worked very well. Biosilke and MoroccanOil I liked better for smoothing finishing serums.

And it really is worth sectioning. I found it simplified stuff, the more I section, cause the wet hair wouldnt' TOUCH the dry one, causing recurling This is why more than 3 to 4 sections--in fact, the way I sectioned it was LOTS of clipped sections, each section essentially being the amount of hair I'd dry at a time-- worked better for me. If wet hair touched dry hair, it upped the chances for FRIZZ and rewaving.

Best brands I used--one was a $30 one that had no identifier--bought at the mall--and it worked wonderfully. That became my second fave when I bought the super fabulous Spornette Prego Ceramic JUMBO sized one. I liked that line so much, I bought ALL of the sizes, and used the smaller ones for when i wanted curlier styled blowouts. But that Jumbo one is amazing for straightening sans flat-iron and retaining body. I'd have 5 days of good hair. Only had to spruce up bangs and a bit of crown to regain oomph (just by rewetting and blowing, less than a minute every morning). http://www.folica.com/tools/hair-bru...-styling-brush

To give you an idea, here are some pics:

The first is me using the no-name big brush that cost me 30 bucks and I never saw in stores again. The second and third and fourth were all taken within a couple weeks of me going CG. The one with me eating was the very week I went natural, and it was the last time I blew out my hair, and I used the medium and the large Spornette (not the jumbo one, cause I wanted more wave in my hair) and it was a rainy night we went out to a diner, but my hair didn't frizz (dry it totally dry, use a cones loaded serum, voila). The last is my hair on July 18 (one week ago) to show my natural curl, so you see the difference blowing it out with the Spornettes and that jumbo one.

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