new Patene product to loosen curl???

I was just at Target and noticed this new shampoo and conditioner that says something like "curl to straight" - and it says it loosens the curl.... Of course, for all I know , it could be out now for 6 mos and I have no clue!
anyone try it out yet??? I know it's not natural and it does have dimethicone, among other things... Just wondering if anyone has experimented just yet????

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for the love of the lens...
I would like to know this too! Has anyone tried these?
I'd like to know too . And how much does it cost??
It's available. You can just google it to see if there are reviews out there. has a 15% off sale and it has the full list of ingredients. Runs just over five bucks and here's a list of sellers:

Seems like it will be very drying (lots of sulfates) and it does have dimethicone (which is likely helping the smoothing effect).

Most shampoos/condishes with "smoothing" in the description have a slight curl relaxing property, I've found, though I don't seek to straighten now, but rather to enhance my curl. I offer this observation from when I used to blow dry.
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I skipped the shampoo because I don't do sulfates but I did decide to try the conditioner. First I tried it as a leave-in. Hated it. Then I tried it as a co-wash for wash and goes, and it was okay. I think it loosened my curls that were already looser, but the really tight curls I wanted to loosen didn't budge. Plus I had to do a second co-wash behind it to get moisturizing. I think this for people who plan to do the extra step of straightening their hair and I don't do that. Doubt I'll buy this again. I also bought the new Pantene curly hair dc. YUCK!! I gave that away. It felt like I had a coating on my hair even also a rinse.

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