puffy ends

whenever i flat iron my length stays straight but my ends puff out.. does anyone else have this problem? if so how do u combat it?
do you have healthy ends? that may be a problem, also you can use matrix sleek look iron smoother or sealing serum. both help keep the straightness in
thanks for the response...actually they are i was pretty shocked as i was ready to search and destroy.. ill give those products a try
It sounds like your ends are not healthy.. but if they are then it is your technique.. or, Also keep in mind its the summer & its heating up, enough humidity makes my hair poof no matter how slick i get it to begin with! & were not gonna talk about beach air.. beach air is the enemy!

I can just recommend my favorite product combo to try.. which is Jane Carter Leave in on damp hair.. then once dried a drop of one n only argan oil on each section (or redken smooth down heat serum) the matrix is nice too..

Now i used to use Infusium23 instead of the JC and Redken Smooth Down instead of the Argan oil with great results, but im more into natural products and avoiding as many cones while i can. But that Jane Carter is good stuff man, its more moisturizing than the infusium!

flat iron, in small one inch sections.. slowly, running the comb over each section before you iron it. Pass over each peice 2x's.. (comb, iron, comb & iron again) that is enough to get it straight but not fry it.. if you go over too many times the heat will actually cause your hair to not lay smooth.
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I usually use some serum on the ends after straightening. That fixes the puffy bits. Not CG of course but I guess straightening isn't! Currently using David Babaii hair polish.
THANKS FOR THE ADVICE LADIES!! That's good stuff!! I usually dont use a comb...

This last time I used antihumectant cream by Garnier Fructis then Paul Mitch GVP Super skinny serum straighten and then spray with John friedda anti humectant Hair Spray..

DO you guys think it could be the heat I only flat Iron on like 150 because I'm worried about heat damage
As long as you're using a good heat protection spray, heat damage isn't as bad. The matrix sleek look iron smoother protects up to 425 degrees I believe. I have 3B/3C curls and I know that if I don't use high enough heat my hair doesn't look smooth or straight, just big and frizzy

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