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nezumikiriq 08-01-2010 10:04 PM

Would this be damaging?
Well, I have fairly curly hair--3a/b, probably mostly 3a size but tighter curled. I straightened my hair all last year but now that i know what to do with my hair and i've had the summer to experiment, imma try to go natural for school (although i might striaghten once or twice because even after only being CG a month or two, the couple times i've straightened my bangs they've looked waaaaay better than my hair did when i ALWAYSA straightened it).

Anyways though, i was wondering about braiding for loser curls, but i know my hair will take FOREVER to dry. I usually diffuse now, it also helps my straightish roots. But the blow dryer i got is ionic, has cool, warm and hot, and low nad high settings. It came with a diffuser attachment, one that focuses the air more, and one that is also like a pic that is supposed to be used for straightening (it's conair).

I tried it once on my bangs, which i usually pin straightish while drying and i'm left with a wave. It actually worked really well, they had their body but with less wave and was soft (i just don't ever do it because i couldn't get the root well enough and it looked strange)

Anyway, would using the pick attachment (maybe on cool or medium heat rather thatn high like i usually do) if i keep it on low speed, would straightening like this be any more harmful to my hair than the diffuser? How bad would it be?
I don't think my hair is possible to get perfectly straight, but i don't want that--i kinda of want it brushable in case the top half is straght but flat and then then bottom is too wavy to brush.

Or would it be better to just undo the braid and let it airdry even if it is a bit damp?

would it frizz?

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