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AnthroDiva 09-01-2010 02:26 PM

DC Salon recommendations
I am strongly considering getting a texturizer (a few months ago I got scissor-happy and cut off way more hair than I should have, so I want the texturizer to help with shrinkage while my hair grows out) imagine my picture with the same hair but SUPER uneven, especially in the crown.

Does anyone have a recommendation for salons in DC (or the DC metro area) that will be good to go to? I wear my hair in its natural state 90% of the time (braids the other 10%), so I'm not interested in making my hair straight so I'm afraid to just pop in to any random hair salon and ask for a texturizer...and I am admittedly a bit shy to go to a salon that specializes in natural hair care because I don't want to be guilted out of my choice.

TIA ladies,

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