Has anyone used the GVP flat iron?

I haven't straightened my hair since I was 12, which was 10 years ago, and I thought I would never do it again.... But now I just want a change! I know some of you curlies cringe at the thought of using a flat iron! Lol
I am searching around for a flat iron and I've heard good things about the GVP iron from Sally's. Is anyone familiar with this flat iron, or can you recommend another cheap, but effective one? I am on a grad student budget so I can't spend too much!

Thanks in advance
I have one. Infact I used it this morning lol. I think for the price its a good one. Granted I used it this morning for the 1st time in almost a year. I've read reviews of it being compared to one of the Chi flatirons and didn't read any complaints on it. HTH
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I absolutely LOVE this flat iron! I straightened my hair everyday for about 4 1/2 years, and the only thing that worked as well as the GVP was a CHI. With any other flat iron it took over 2 hours to completely straighten my 3A/3B hair. The GVP cut that down to like 45 minutes.

Mine was like thishttp://www.polyvore.com/generic_valu...ing?id=5638570)
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