I need a new hair dryer now. Since I've been transtitioning I was wondering if there are certain hair dryers are good for 4b/4c hair? I like comb attachments because I can't get the brush and dryer concentrator method to work for me.

Also what flat irons are good? I like mine now but it's getting kind of old and I wouldn't mind replacing it.

I stink @ the round brush/blow dryer thing too. I've found I can do it a tiny bit better since my hair's a little longer, but I just lack the skill or coordination to get it to look good.

I have a Chi Rocket blow w/ a comb attachment. It's not cheap, but my friend whose hair I loved swore by it and called it "an investment." I've only had 2 blow-dryers, and while I'm very happy with the Chi (had it almost 2 years), I can't really confirm/deny if it's better than a bunch of others.I use the comb attachment mostly at my edges, but I've gotten pretty good at using my Denman detangler brush instead of the comb attachment on the rest of my head. My hair never really gets that straight w/ blowdrying though, ever since I cut off all of my relaxer.

My flat iron is a Sedu. I've had it almost 4 years and it is still almost like new. I love it. My hair, for whatever reason, is damaged, so I have frizzy problem areas, but that flat iron is amazing. If mine died tomorrow, I'd (cry first lol, and then) buy a new one right away. My friend used it once when we were out of town, and immediately bought herself one when she got back home.

Again, these products aren't cheap (my blow dryer was like $100 and the Sedu was like $80 4 years ago iirc, but my friend said hers was about $100) but mine have lasted a long time, compared to my other appliances...and surviving about 3 moves.

I hear people rave about the Babyliss flat iron too. My old stylist (the only one I ever liked...why'd I have to move away?) used a GHD flat iron that was really good too. I might've bought one if I hadn't already owned my Sedu. HTH!

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